Seminario Online,  18 mar 2021, 19:00 – 20:00 (hora local)

Join Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc. online webinar to learn more about:
How to comply with regulatory requirements while achieving quality improvements through reliable leak testing methods.

– Functional requirements for tightness of HVAC & Refrigeration applications and subassemblies
– Parameters needed for a tightness control process
– Examples for industrially implemented test procedures

The Webinar highlights selected applications and criteria from HVAC & Refrigeration systems. We will take a look at the test parameters required for a test procedure that is compatible with industry requirements in terms of quality and cycle time, and meets the specifications of the F-Gas Regulation. There is a wide range of leak test criteria and technologies used for various components, lines and functional assemblies in HVAC & Refrigeration.

Dennis Harder – Leak Detection Application Engineer at Pfeiffer Vacuum with over 3.5 years’ experience in vacuum and leak detection technology. He supports customers in the leak detection process of HVAC and Refrigeration systems.